Why Advocord?

by Advocord Team | October 2022

Introduction to Advocord and Founder Nancy Meyers

Hello. I’m Nancy Meyers. I’ve been an estate and trust lawyer for more than 25 years. I have advised clients who needed help making decisions for someone else, as their guardian, power of attorney, or conservator. Taking on decision-making for another person is an especially big responsibility. It is the acceptance of a fiduciary duty. That means that the decision-maker must always act solely in the best interest of the dependent. Many people willingly jump into the guardianship role without a guide to navigate the duties and the pitfalls. I founded Advocord to be that guide.

Advocord is a tool for guardians, conservators, or a power of attorney – who are responsible for making decisions for the well-being and finances of an adult dependent. Advocord helps those individuals do the best job for the people they have pledged to care for through the first cloud-based guardianship software available on your desktop and mobile devices. Advocord’s guardianship software is a single platform to manage all aspects of guardianship, including financial and medical records, helping advocates comply with legal reporting, and share information with others who are invested in the well-being of a dependent – all in one secure place.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nancy Meyers, an estate and trust lawyer, founded and built the Advocord’s cloud-based guardianship software, the first digital tool that helps guardians, conservators, and power of attorneys manage their dependent’s life.
  2. Advocord’s guardianship software provides support for adult guardianship, in the way of organizing and managing legal compliance, financial affairs and medical information.
  3. Advocord’s tools make it easy for guardians and advocates to track expenses, notes, and prescriptions, as well as collaborate and plan with multiple logins for family members and caregivers through read-only access.
  4. The Advocord app is mobile-friendly and secure.
  5. Advocord is about getting to what matters most – making the best decisions and providing the best care possible.

The Advocord app helps guardians and advocates manage legal compliance, financial affairs and medical information. Advocord’s tools make it easy for guardians to track expenses, notes, and prescriptions. An Advocord subscription allows for multiple logins, so you can collaborate and plan with an extended network of caregivers and relatives through read-only access. Advocord can be effectively managed on your phone, and securely stores all your dependent’s details, so nothing gets lost during a transition. It is important for your dependent that all of the work that you did on his or her behalf will continue to be available to your successor. Advocord’s cloud-based software can help ensure a dependent’s information is transferred efficiently and securely.

Ultimately, Advocord is about what matters most in guardianship – making the best decisions and providing the best care possible. I have never had a client tell me that being a guardian or power of attorney was less work than they expected. If you have taken on this role – or are considering it – I invite you to learn more about Advocord.

Disclaimer: Advocord does not provide legal representation and no attorney-client relationship exists between Advocord and its subscribers. The Content is not intended to and does not constitute legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed. The accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the Content is not warranted or guaranteed.


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